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The Italian Delight Basket

The Italian Delight Basket

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Experience the vibrant flavors and rich traditions of the Mediterranean with our The Italian Delight Basket. This thoughtfully curated gift is a true celebration of the regions culinary heritage, bringing together a selection of authentic delicacies that will transport your taste buds to sun-drenched shores and picturesque villages.

Indulge in the sweet and buttery goodness of our Panettone Pastry, a traditional Italian treat that perfectly captures the essence of Italian holidays. Savor the exquisite taste of Morellino Di Scansano Doc Barbi, a fine red wine that pairs beautifully with the bold flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine. Sparkling Astoria Brut Ribollla Gialla adds a touch of elegance and effervescence to any celebration.

Delight in the decadent Lindt Swiss Chocolate Assorts, a heavenly assortment of luxurious chocolates that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Taste the crunchy goodness of Nougat Dolceria Veneta Peanuts, a perfect blend of nutty flavors and chewy texture. Enjoy the rich and velvety Cuneesi Olive Rhum Case, a true delicacy that will leave you craving for more.

Discover the savory side of the Mediterranean with Classic and Pistac Amaretti Dabruzzo, a combination of sweet and nutty flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Savor the rich and creamy Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano, a cheese that is aged to perfection and adds depth to any dish.

Complete your Mediterranean feast with Taralloro Specialty Pasta, a pasta made with love and passion, and Bibanesi With Olive Oil, a crispy and flavorful breadstick that is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Whether you are gifting it to a loved one or treating yourself, our The Italian Delight Basket is the perfect way to experience the true essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Immerse yourself in the flavors, traditions, and taste of this beautiful region with every bite.
The Hamper includes:
• Wicker Basket Ov-Rett Gray 75/78-37/41
• Panettone Pastry Organza Bag 1 Kg
• Morellino Di Scansano Doc Barbi 75cl
• Sparkling Astoria Brut Ribollla Gialla
• Lindt Sc.Chocolate Assorts 220gr
• Nougat Dolceria Veneta Peanuts 175gr
• Lux Cuneesi Olive Rhum Case 95gr
• Classic And Pistac Amaretti Dabruzzo
• Mixed Pastry 140g La Sassellese
• Baci Di Sassello 80gr. In Box
• Lux Case Of Mixed Olive Truffles 85gr
• Capocollo Della Calabria Approx. 450gr
• Pure Pork Salametto String 180gr
• Seasoned Bacon From Tuscia 250gr
• Seasoned Tuscia Sausage 200gr
• Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano 200gr
• Taralloro Specialty Pasta 250gr
• Grilled Vegetables Beef 185gr
• Marinated Artichokes 180gr
• Marinated Dried Tomatoes 180gr
• Cotechino Di Modena 500gr Bellucci
• The Lentils Of Luck 400g Bag
• Bibanesi With Olive Oil 100gr

The Hamper includes:
•Wicker Basket Ov-Rett Gray 75/78-37/41
•Panettone Pastry Organza Bag 1 Kg
•Morellino Di Scansano Doc Barbi 75cl
•Sparkling Astoria Brut Ribollla Gialla
•Lindt Sc.Chocolate Assorts 220gr
•Nougat Dolceria Veneta Peanuts 175gr
•Lux Cuneesi Olive Rhum Case 95gr
•Classic And Pistac Amaretti Dabruzzo
•Mixed Pastry 140g La Sassellese
•Baci Di Sassello 80gr. In Box
•Lux Case Of Mixed Olive Truffles 85gr
•Capocollo Della Calabria Approx. 450gr
•Pure Pork Salametto String 180gr
•Seasoned Bacon From Tuscia 250gr
•Seasoned Tuscia Sausage 200gr
•Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano 200gr
•Taralloro Specialty Pasta 250gr
•Grilled Vegetables Beef 185gr
•Marinated Artichokes 180gr
•Marinated Dried Tomatoes 180gr
•Cotechino Di Modena 500gr Bellucci
•The Lentils Of Luck 400g Bag
•Bibanesi With Olive Oil 100gr

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